The initiative

An initiative has been built by the MS community, for the MS community, with the vision to raise awareness about how early intervention and prompt treatment can improve the lives of people with MS.

Just 20 years ago, few treatments for MS existed

But now – research has brought us to an important stage where the scientific community are making significant progress with breakthrough discoveries.2

Guidance by international MS experts reinforces the importance of time and speed in the effective management of MS.3,4

Recommendations state…

…the goal of MS treatment should focus on urgently preserving tissue in the central nervous system to reduce disease progression and maximise lifelong brain health.3

While these findings have been endorsed by medical professionals and advocacy groups worldwide,3 there is now a need to share them with the wider MS community.

The ‘MS Motion: Moving Faster to Protect Brain Health’ initiative…

…has therefore been formed through a collaboration with Biogen and The Brain Foundation. The activity seeks to increase awareness and understanding amongst the MS community of the impact on brain health over time and the importance of speed of treatment for effective disease management.

The initiative brings together those living with MS…

…leading international and local neurologists and relevant stakeholder groups, all united in their determination to raise awareness of the role of early intervention and urgent treatment in improving the lives of those with MS.

In October 2020, influential members from across the MS community came together…

…for a virtual collaborative roundtable meeting. They reviewed the latest scientific findings, translating these into easily digestible and useful social resources for the MS community.

These social resources are now available for you…

…to read and share with your own networks. This initiative will continue in its efforts to share further information on early intervention and urgent treatment - but we need your help!

Click here if you’d like to join us in our efforts.

Stay tuned for more activities from the ‘MS Motion: Moving Faster to Protect Brain Health’ initiative in the future.

Built by the MS community, for the MS community

Here are the participants from the MS Motion initiative reviewing the latest scientific findings and working together to translate them into useful social resources that will help inform, educate and empower those living with MS to maximise their brain health.