MS MOTION: Moving faster to protect brain health

The scientific community is calling for major changes in how multiple sclerosis is managed, to give those living with the disease the potential to maximise their brain health.

An initiative has been built by the MS community, for the MS community, with the vision of raising awareness about how early intervention and prompt treatment can improve the lives of people with MS.

We need your help

The MS community deserves to know more about how time and speed can be critical in preventing damage caused by MS – but we need your help to get the word out there.

Spread the word with your own networks and communities by using ready-to-share social resources designed with you in mind – that explain how early intervention with the most effective management strategies for each individual – including treatment – is vital to maximise lifelong brain health.

Resources for you

A diagnosis of MS can leave people feeling helpless and confused.1

We’ve therefore connected with local organisations you may wish to explore, who also offer useful resources on brain health and MS management.